Mind, Body, Balance - Nourish to Flourish

September 29, 2020
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
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Mind, Body, Balance: Nourish to Flourish

We see the term “self-care” everywhere these days, but what does it really mean? Why is it important? The truth is, self-care looks different for everyone. As event professionals, we spend much of our time focusing on the needs of others, and all too often forget to take time for ourselves. Join us in the first ILEA-NCC health and wellness program of the year for a hands-on, interactive experience that will give you practical techniques to apply to your own self-care.

This unique experience is not your average online meeting. Leaders on nutrition, physical activity and reflection will nourish us with new ideas and perspectives that we will actually practice during the program together! We’ll hear their journeys and insights into embracing the practice of self-care and move you from talking about investing in yourself to actually doing it on a daily basis. Get ready to leave stronger, more balanced, more energized and with more clarity. Following the event, you will receive helpful resources to remind you of the techniques learned in the breakout sessions. We hope you seize this opportunity to connect with your fellow industry professionals and take some time for YOU! (All individuals in and out of the event industry are welcome! We know how important self-care is to everyone.)

What You Should Expect For This Soulful Program

  • Attendees are encouraged to actively participate in the break out sessions by having your cameras on. You will be invited to unmute if you have any questions.
  • We encourage you to bring pen and paper, put your yoga pants on, and secure ingredients for an hour of hands-on fun and learning!
  • Attendees will be pre-assigned to their two sessions. 
  • Attendees will receive an email (1) week before the event confirming your two sessions so you can prepare your environment, materials and your mindset.
  • After the event, attendees will receive resources for ALL three self-care areas so you can practice these amazing techniques at home!
    • Reflection Session: Explore an Intention with Lauren
    • Physical Movement: Get Up and Move with X˙Core
    • Nutrition Session: Make a Superfood Smoothie with Georgina

Schedule of Events

10:00 AM

Welcome and Group Mindset Activity

10:10 AM

Meet the Experts: Their Self-Care Journeys

10:25 AM

Break Out Session

10:45 AM - 10:50 AM


10:50 AM

Break Out Session

11:10 AM

Panel Discussion & Q&A

11:30 AM



Meet Our Inspiring Wellness Leaders

Emily Dreblow, Program Host & Moderator
Professional Coach,

Emily Dreblow Rey, CPCC is a 16-year event industry entrepreneur, certified Professional Coach and an ILEA-NCC Past President. She is the owner of Soulflower Design Studio, a floral + event design studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. And while she has experienced great success in her floral design business it was not always roses! She has suffered from chronic fatigue, anxiety and burnout and through working with business and wellness coaches, she has been able to tackle some of the roots of her suffering and strengthen the tools and rituals for self care and business + life management. Through these experiences emerged both the wisdom and desire to work with others on their journey through life and business to become a Professional Coach and start SOUL CREATIVE, where her clients include creative entrepreneurs, event professionals and emerging leaders looking to up level their business, boost their confidence during times of change and tap into their inner resources.  Her approach is a balance of business and career coach meets mindful, sage embracing the belief that “we all have the power to create what we most desire sometimes we just need to get quiet, listen and then spring into ACTION.” She enjoys staying active by playing soccer, hiking with her Boston Terrier, doing yoga and traveling, including a recent August 2020 #VanLife trip where she and her husband converted her floral van into camper van and travelled around the Western states for a month.


Georgina Szabo, Nutrition Session Lead
Georgina Healed Hashimoto’s


Georgina works in the wedding industry with her husband. Together they run Weddings on Film, a renowned filming company often recruited by local and national celebrities of the realms of entertainment, sports, and high-ranking professionals. 

Georgina was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disease, while trying to get pregnant with her second child. After trying to treat the disease with medication, she experienced an array of negative symptoms including major brain fog! She sought the help of a functional medicine doctor in San Francisco and began to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. 

She switched over to an anti-inflammatory diet, healed her gut, and detoxed at the cellular level. After making these changes, her Hashimotos was in remission after six months. Today her thyroid levels are normal, she feels amazing, has a ton of energy, and has a healthy baby girl. She shares her nutrition knowledge and journey through her Instagram page and website blog.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to share what I feel most passionate about—helping you! The lifestyle changes I have made allow me to live a vibrant, healthy, happy life—I invite you to join me on this beautiful journey!”


Lauren Brollier, Intention Setting Lead
ransformational Life Coach & Speaker
Soul Savvy™, @soul.savvy, @soulsavvyllc

Lauren is an inspirational speaker and transformational coach certified through the Brave Thinking Institute. She works with organizations and individuals, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

Faced with devastating news, Lauren had a choice: rebuild her life from the ground up in a way she would love or stay with the status quo. Taking the road less travelled, she decided to live her dream. Lauren founded Soul Savvy™ to help others connect with the most infinite side of themselves so they can live a life they love.

Lauren has spent over a decade as an educator and coach. She started her career in California public schools first as a teacher, then as a coach helping teachers to deliver the best instruction. Her ability to break down overarching spiritual and success concepts into bite-sized pieces is what makes her a standout in her field. Through her coaching and speaking, she has inspired thousands of people to live a life they love.

Lauren lives in San Francisco Bay Area with the love of her life, Cameron, and their cats, Little and Cadbury. She loves the beach, country music and lots of laughs with good friends, especially over cocktails.



Elaine Pavich and Cora Wo, Physical Movement Session Leads
X˙Core Studio
@xcorestudio, @xcorestudiooakland 
With a Special Appearance from Paul Pavich

X˙CORE Studio is a collaboration between two good friends: Cora and Elaine. Both ladies worked in the tech industry for years, but their real love was always in health and fitness. 

We believe in high intensity, low impact workouts. Be intense on your muscles but easy on your body. Be efficient. Be insanely effective. This is the X˙CORE way. 

xBURN is our high intensity pilates class that utilizes a Slow Resistance Training (SRT) method. It is the most effective at changing your body to build lean and long muscles in a quick 40 minutes. Time flies with the slow movement, fast transitions and awesome instructors.

xCLIMB uses the VersaClimber to rapidly elevate the heart rate and keep it there for the entire workout, thus achieving optimal results. 30 minutes in xCLIMB equals 60 minutes on most cardio equipment - the treadmill, spin bike, and rower. Plus, the beat-based, high energy classes push you to work hard in class but will leave you sweaty and smiling.

(High Intensity + Low Impact + Efficient + Effective) = (xBURN + xCLIMB) = X˙CORE


Nourish to Flourish With Us on September 29
because taking care of yourself is productive!


Thank You to Our Generous Speakers for their Time and Expertise!



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