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ILEA-NCC Newsletter

2) TRT: 2:43 ILEA-NCC Virtual Gala Breaking News
Breaking News from the desk of Patrick McMichael at Denon & Doyle Studios: Early Bird pricing for the ILEA-NCC Virtual Gala is extended through October 8th. Secure your ticket to ILEA-NCC's biggest night, and order your VIP Party Kit, today: https://events.ileancc.org/meetinginfo.php?id=169&ts=1601671722

3) TRT: 4:33 Meet ILEA Boston!
In an effort to learn, grow, be inspired, and feel a greater sense of connection to our broader ILEA community, we're introducing you to different ILEA chapter each month.This month... Meet Boston! Thank you so much to our very special guests, Ken Barrett-Sweet, Jodi Gold, and David “DJ” Buono for meeting with us! Follow this dynamic chapter on Insta @ileaboston or https://www.ileaboston.com/home

4) TRT: 6:36 Strategic Partner Spotlight: Denon & Doyle Entertainment
ILEA-NCC Past President, Patrick McMichael gives us the News Reel editorial team the exclusive opportunity to take over the D&D Tonight show stage, to learn all about Denon & Doyle's cutting edge, live streaming and hybrid capabilities. Check out this fun-filled, TV talk show-style interview, and even get a sneak peek behind the scenes! Learn more at @denonanddoyle or https://djay.com/


5) 3:09 Member Quick Tip: Get Your Art On
ILEA-NCC Board member, Samantha Harrington of Harrington Coordinated, wants you to get your art on! Art relieves stress and anxiety, so check out her ideas to bring out the "artiste" in you, then post your work and tag us on Insta at @ilea_ncc! Learn more about Samantha @harringtoncoordinated or https://www.hcevents28.com/

Got questions or comments about the ILEA-NCC Video News Reel? Email VP of Communications, Velia Amarasingham at [email protected]

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